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    Super Precision

    Super Precision Parts can be produced on a variety of machines and are components or parts which are manufactured with almost impossible tolerances.

    They are produced on specially adapted machine tools with very high-quality tooling and fixturing, using special machining techniques and spindle speeds of up to 160,000 rpm.

    Where customers have to rely on super precision for safety, function or purely for reliability, then we understand this requirement and put in place the processes to achieve this goal.

    Special Note

    Precision, cost and delivery on time are all important to your business. CJ Tools has a reputation for consistently achieving all three.
    If you don't see anything close to your requirements, give us a ring and talk to our friendly staff. Flexibility is our watchword.
    Our prototyping facilities allow us to manufacture one-off or test components, short run pieces and mould plugs as well as cast and machined plastics.

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