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    Comments From Our Customers

    Our strategic supply chain team, is from a pool of hundreds of selected CJ Tools. Now, as one of just 6 key strategic supply chain partners, CJ Tools has established a record with us which sits them as top of the performance table for quality, and service. Compair

    CJ Tools helped us initially with a complex machining requirement on a casting when we'd been let down by another supplier. They met the challenge and have developed to become our most significant mechanical supplier. We rely on CJ Tools for daily Kanban supplies of some of the most complex assemblies we've designed, most notably the Open Array Wave-Guides. Their expertise has been fundamental in our peace of mind and supply chain confidence. Raymarine

    As a medical scientist, I saw a product need. I'm a specialist. I needed a specialist to help me achieve the cost break points that would allow me to reach my markets. I took my problem to CJ Tools. CJ Tools value engineered my product, designed and made a new, significantly improved version. This gave me confidence and pricing which showed me I was going to succeed. Now we're in production and the sales are rolling in. Without CJ Tools' approach, service and undoubted expertise, I could still be wondering where to go next. I know about eyes; CJ Tools know about engineering. Procyon

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