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    CJ Tools Ltd
    Precision House
    Northarbour Road
    Hampshire, PO6 3TJ
    United Kingdom

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    Turned Parts

    CJ Tools manufacture turned parts, including prototypes, in a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastics, including:

    • Drawn or Rolled Steel Bar
    • Hot or Cold Rolled Steels, Stainless Steel and Heat Resisting Steel
    • Non-ferrous metals:
      • Brass
      • Copper
      • Aluminium-Bronze
      • Aluminium
    • Engineering Plastics
    • Exotic Materials

    For small runs or highly complex components, CJ Tools provide a manufacturing service using the latest generation of machine tools designed for this purpose.

    • Fast, single set-up programming, giving reduced lead times.
    • Multi-axis with Y-axis milling and sub-spindle programming to handle even the most detailed of components.
    • Full rotary milling capability.
    • Latest generation programming tools able to deliver the specialist toolpaths required for the complex requirements of today.
    • Prototype and/or small production runs.

    Parts can be produced finished or ready for further operations on other machines. Customer consultancy involving design for production, turnkey project engineering and the application of advanced manufacturing techniques, is part of the service. Turned parts can be supplied in small quantities, in bulk or on a JIT (Just in Time) basis.

    Special Note

    Precision, cost and delivery on time are all important to your business. CJ Tools has a reputation for consistently achieving all three.
    If you don't see anything close to your requirements, give us a ring and talk to our friendly staff. Flexibility is our watchword.
    Our prototyping facilities allow us to manufacture one-off or test components, short run pieces and mould plugs as well as cast and machined plastics.

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