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    CJ Tools will continue to provide a first-class service in manufacturing, to assist our client companies to compete in global markets

    CJ TOOLS/Southern CNC Ltd - precision manufacturing was established in 1976. We are situated on the south coast in Hampshire, just above Portsmouth, where we supply engineered parts and assemblies to client companies, quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001-2015.

    Our state-of-the-art engineering factory occupies some 22,000 sq. ft. We have precision engineering capacity ranging from 4 and 5 axis machining centres to the latest multi-axis CNC lathes along with cylindrical grinding supported by precision measuring equipment.

    The latest generation programming tools enable us to generate the tool paths required for the complex requirements of today. We can work from sketches, engineering drawings, CAD files and solid models.

    Prototyping for products, ranging from complex engineering assemblies such as electro-mechanical gearboxes, and specialist items such as high-pressure heat exchangers to simple component design, following on to production is an important aspect of our capability.

    Another specialisation is in complex extrusion machining for the production of engineering parts such as heatsinks. Many of our machined components are supplied to customers on a JIT (Just in Time) basis, thus reducing stock holding overheads for our partners.

    Precision Turning, Multi-Axis Milling of various materials, castings or mouldings to produce parts and components from one to 1000s - through to complete assemblies, plated, painted and quality assured.


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    State of the Art

    Precision, cost and delivery on time are all important to your business. CJ Tools has a reputation for consistently achieving all three. Our prototyping facilities allow us to manufacture one-off or test components, short run pieces and mould plugs as well as cast and machined plastics.

    Project Management


    Planning, Organising ...

    We have been pleased to assist the local entrepreneurs in bringing their designs and concepts to market. Working closely with the design authority we have manufactured from outline sketches and an understanding of the final configuration, complete sets of components into working assemblies.

    Customer Comments

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    “Our strategic supply chain team, is from a pool of hundreds of selected CJ Tools. Now, as one of just 6 key strategic supply chain partners, CJ Tools has established a record with us which sits them as top of the performance table for quality, and service.”

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