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    Project Engineering and Project Management

    • Highly experienced engineers
    • Flexible and diverse skills
    • Total ownership of your needs
    • Dedicated project management and point of contact
    • Determination to succeed
    • Honest and open value engineering


    We have been pleased to assist the local entrepreneurs in bringing their designs and concepts to market. Working closely with the design authority we have manufactured, from outline sketches and an understanding of the final configuration, complete sets of components into working assemblies.

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    Our engineering skills and enquiring minds have ensured we have understood the purpose of each component, which allowed us to produce working first models without the need for excessive detail design iterations which can so often tie up a project and make them ultimately unviable.

    Our expertise has been incorporated and recorded for next time use. "This working together has been invaluable; it has kept the costs down and added expertise that we were missing ..."

    engineering projects

    Our approach is collaborative. We find it helps the customer know what they will get and ensures we know what they need, even when sometimes it isn't what they've originally asked for.

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